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A Writer's Baby Steps

Sometimes as I move in this quick paced world , I stop for a moment seeking a quite space of my own.
You'd think I'm depressed, sad, or just feeling  lonely, but thats not always the case. Sometimes I only want to feel the joy that comes with every letter I jot down on a plain white paper.
I write to express my feelings and thoughts, and more importantley I write for fun, to find peace and to sense happiness growing inside of me!
I write to find Myself...

Heres some of my writings :

Heartless Creatures


April brushed his bangs off his face and placed a kiss on his forehead, and then turned to leave. But he held her hand; she didn’t want to look back him. Words came out before she could even think: “it’s hard the way it is, just doing make it any harder”. But he said nothing. She sighed and rubbed her nose, telling herself over and over not to cry and be strong, but there he was and she had to go to leave him. She had to go to the world out there on her own. He turned her as to face him lifted her chin up and looked her in the eyes. There she saw herself in his watery green eyes. If she walks outside that door, she would be tearing him apart killing that gentle charming loving person she found inside of him. But she had no choice but this. You may say it’s a lie. Maybe it is, maybe it is not, but anyway, she was going to leave him.
Silence, complete silence. James was walking careless. He was searching for tranquility, but he knew it'll never be his not after what happened this night. His heart was broken in to a million pieces that day He broke up with the girl he thought was his soul mate, but he was wrong. He wanted to die, to get rid of the pain inside of him, to become heartless. Have you ever wanted that?
In his car he was remembering what happened with tears that blocked his sight: As soon as she closed the door, he dropped on the floor crying. Then he heard a sound of a car crashing into something. He ran out and found April on the floor, her body swimming in a blood pool. He looked at the driver that quickly called 911, that arrived to announce the death of his ex-lover. Holding April hand in his he promised her that he will kill the one that caused her death!