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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brat Farrar 's Review:

Brat Farrar

Brat Farrar has been carefully coached to assume the identity of Patrick Ashby, heir to the Ashby fortune who disappeared when he was 13. Just when it seems that Brat will pull off the deception, he discovers the truth about Patrick's disappearance, a dark secret that threatens to tear apart the family and jeopardize Brat's carefully laid plans. Called "the best of its kind" by the New Yorker, Josephine Tey's classic is a tale of unrelenting suspense and tension.

My Review:
It was okay, boring at first but I did like it after a while.
Simon was rude from the beginning and I knew that he had something to do with Patrick's death, and I was right as I accepted Simon did kill his twin brother. I couldn't beleive that Brat would fall in love with Eleanor but he did! I liked Ruth more han Jane.

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